Sunday, 22 September 2013

TTN visits: London Fashion Weekend 2013

Yesterday I had, what can only be described as, a great day.

After missing previous London Fashion Weekends, myself and my lovely friend Rebecca had tickets to this Septembers event. Held at the marvellous Somerset House, this was a event that promised to give a large wonderful dose of fashion to the public post London Fashion Week. Now, I don't profess to be a Fashionista- I can't afford to keep up with every trend but I do love shopping and I really appreciate the whole process that a fashion designer goes through to get beautiful pieces in our wardrobes.
Fellow visitors waiting for the catwalk show- LOVED the bright pink Doc Martins!

We arrived at 1pm (we had ticket admission from 1pm until 4pm), collected our free tote bags then ventured inside the first tent to collect our free Maybelline gift- as a subscriber to Elle UK I had bought the tickets with 25% off and this additional free gift for under £20 using a code. Now, this being a girls day, we then headed straight for the bar to get ourselves a glass of Prosecco and have a natter/sneakily people watch. I saw 2 girls wearing my beloved pink M&S sold-out-everywhere coat which fuelled my lust further and may have made me a bit envious.

I really do love fur! But will only wear it if it's vintage.

There were no maps so we just decided to hit every part- each wing had areas where you could buy clothes or jewellery but I was happy to just browse. We went outside after about an hour as its pretty hot inside (note to anyone planning on coming- don't bother with jumpers) and i spotted a Canon pop up studio which had no queue. I bounded up the stairs whilst convicing Becca to get infront of the Cameras.... we were told to do something 'action' and kind of drew a blank but settled on a 'KAPOW!' moment. This is the end result..


Pretty cool huh? Yes, I know, I can't punch. This would be great to hire for a special occasion- can you imagine the hilarious results?!

Loving this Tee from M&S

What girl wouldn't want a Unicorn jumper??

Anyway, after looking at more rooms and queuing up to see the 'Maybelline backstage room' but not bothering to queue for a make over (we did bag a free lipstick whilst there though), we headed to the final (and in my opinion the best bit) wing- The Stamp Room.

Kinder Bueno Lounge

Having fun with Levi's UK!

Free Buenos in the chill out Bueno lounge (WIN) plus the option of siging up for a mini massage, we collected our sugary fuel then headed to the LEVI'S room where we had a customised measure up by the lovely team at Levi's (The jeans I wanted to purchase were sold out :( but I was given the code so i could order online or instore ). We then finished the day sipping on Bellini's whilst on the balcony over looking the Thames. Love it!

This event is on next in February and I think if i do go I will pay the extra to see a catwalk show. I was impressed at the amount I came away with for free! The LFW tote bag wasn't as jammed with as many samples as I expected but my Maybelline gift was very generous- 5 full sized samples and a tutorial card so you can create a look- brilliant idea!

As the Bellini's gave us a taste for a cocktail- we left Somerset House and walked 5 minutes up the road to have a Martini at Christopher's
. I am definitely going back again and I will be sure to do a really good post in more detail but basically this place is great- friendly staff and one delicious Lychee & Strawberry Martini (WIN!).

After receiving texts from two hungry boys, we went back East and had the BEST Thai food at
Rosa's (again, I will be posting about this further on my next visit) in Spitalfields.


Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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