Saturday, 30 August 2014

My August 2014 Bank Holiday

No sooner did i get used to July it's now end of August! Crazy!

It's been a busy month all round, as usual the final proper month of Summer resulted in busy weekends and my day job increasing the workload. But then there was Bank holiday, 3 glorious days of me time... here is a little snapshot of what i got up to...

Friday night
Thai feasting at Rosa's in Spitalfields was the order of the night. So eager to eat the delicious food, I forgot to take any photo's! 

A long lie in and a little flat TLC before heading to Soho to mooch around making note of places to eat next (the list is rather long). The weather took a rather wet turn and so we sheltered inside Liberty of London where I purchased a voucher for a traditional we shave for my lovely Dad whose birthday was on Sunday. With rumbling bellies we headed to Bill's and feasted on a messy meal of Rib's with a glass of wine in the warm. The rain thankfully stopped long enough for us to purchase some Gelato (yes i was so happy) and stroll towards the strand... Gelato will forever remind me of Rome and being proposed to (ahhhh).

My dad's birthday and the one guaranteed occasion that my parents, my sister and I will get together for a meal. I kicked off celebrations at mine with an Antipasti feast (my dad's favourite) before (a few hours later) we headed to Duck and Waffle for yet more eating.... 

I tried the (gluten free) Duck & Waffle dish which blew my mind, FYI  the waffle was the best thing ever- super fluffy and light. We also feasted on a Whole Chicken complete with truffles and morel mushrooms before heading down to Sushisamba's bar for a cocktail before heading home for yes, more food in the form of birthday cake and tea....

We braved the rain to head to Surrey for a birthday BBQ gathering for a friend. It was a great afternoon full of laughter as we caught up with our closest friends from back home. 

As expected my 3 day weekend involved lots of food and seeing my closest people. If only every weekend was 3 day's long,

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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