Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bargains & Beauty Try-Out's

I'm not going to lie, my 'must start saving' goal isn't really happening. Today I popped out to merely browse and pick up some essentials from Boot's- and 2 hours later I returned with a little more than just essentials!

In the past I have often snapped up items in a Topshop Sale that I still have in my wardrobe today as they keep coming back in fashion. One lunchtime this week whilst internet browsing I snapped up some items from the sale and arranged the order to be delivered for free to my local Toppers.....

I couldn't resist buying the shoes. Originally £35 and reduced to a cushty £10, I snapped up the black pair instantly (perfect for work or a night out in London town) and then went back to pop the pink pair in my basket- for £10 I couldn't not. I slightly regret not going for the red colour that was available over the pink, though as this pink.

I personally don't understand why everyone always mocks the kitten or mid-heel, I often hear people laugh at how awful they are. Well I am a lover of them- It's a heel height that I can walk in for hours, without suffering from burning feet or falling over, plus they bring me to a nice height of 5'4". Win!

On collection of my shoes, I couldn't resist a quick rummage in the sale racks. I was not disappointed, this dark berry collarless jacket is gorgeous! It's light enough to wear instead of a cardigan for work over a Tee, a dark enough shade to wear of an evening and a colour that's suitable for the current season. Originally £55 and reduced to £15, oh I do love a £40 saving!

I had to drag myself away from Topshop (It was going to get out of hand when i noticed lots of pencil skirts also on the sale racks) and skipped into Boots.

Canary Wharf Boot's store is becoming my favourite branch. It sells my beloved Liz Earle, always well stocked and has a Chanel counter! Purely based on Tanya Burr's advice, I purchased Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation- I'm intrigued to see if I'll like this more than the Rimmel 'Wake me up' foundation that I currently use.

I have also been in need of a new body scrub and after discovering the area that stocked all the miniature sized products, snapped up two 50 ml tubs of Soap & Glory scrubs opting for the pleasantly perfumed 'Flake away', and the gentle scented 'Scrub em and Leave em' body buff which smells a bit like Nivea (a win for me). I have heard good things about the Soap & Glory range so looking forward to my next shower already!

I also purchased 'St.Ives blemish fighting Apricot scrub'. I feel its good to have a facial scrub around as winter can leave skin a bit dull and living in London can leave my skin a bit congested. This one has Salicylic Acid in - a ingredient i always look out for as its the only thing that helps any break out's that occur to clear up swiftly.


Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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