Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Work Survival Drawer

Do you have a spare drawer in your desk at work? I did but it's a spare drawer no longer as its has become 'Work surival drawer'. Okay so my job isn't that bad that i need a parachute, but since returning to work full time 15 months ago I have learned that there are certain things I need on standby to get me through the day.

You could fill your drawer up with anything you like but in mine I have:

- Bachs SOS Resue Remedy.
Im not usually one for hollistic treatments but this stuff really works. In times of high pressure and stress, I apply some drops of this tincture under my tounge and soon enough- i feel calm. weird huh?
- Boots Re-balance efferfescent tablets
Pakced with Vitamins especially Vitamin B- these are the perfect drink when my energy levels are particularly low or i feel fatigued.
- Paracetamol
To be used in an emergency- espcially if i feel a headache coming on.
- Bounce Coconut & Macademia Protein ball
So delicious and so filling. I always have one of these stashed in my drawer incase I have evening plans and not consumed enough energy to see me through.
- Twinings Herbal Tea's & Squeezy Honey
Love Peppermint Tea. I love it even more when there is Honey involved. The perfect afternoon pick me up, or warmer on a cold day. I also have a a flavoured Green Tea for when i need a caffiene kick (green tea has more caffiene than black coffee). Either will also contribute to my water inatke for the day :)
- Nivea Spray deodorant
I would love to say I am one of those lucky ladies who never perspires, but I do. So having a can of this to hand is  the perfect way to avoid any sweaty moments and keep me smelling fresh as a daisy
-Hairbands/Hair clip
A must when you have the amount of hair as me (think Hagrid)
- Almonds
I might not like Marzipan or Ameretto but I love a raw almond. Perfect snack to have around- I like to have mine about 11am when Breakfast has stopped filling me up but lunch is still a couple of hours away. This little pack contains 2 portions.
- Pom Bears
My favourite Crisp. Gluten free and under 100 kcals a packet- a good carb treat to have nearby.
- Popcorn
I love popcorn- you can buy multipack bags of various flavours from M&S, Tesco and Tyrells that are all pre portioned. Perfect and no chance of over eating.

I also have a Gift card, that a Director very kindly gave me for Christmas, for local Vietnamese shop which can create gluten free orders for me and does the most fabulous fresh ginger tea.

This drawer is a constant work in progress but the above are almost always permenant fixtures. I avoid putting fresh fruit in my drawer as it will go off but I always make sure I bring fresh fruit to work with me on a daily basis.

What will be in your 'Work Survival' drawer? You could fill your drawer up with items that will encourage healthy snacking (Oatcakes/Ricecakes/Nuts/Dried Fruits etc)

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx

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