Sunday, 6 April 2014

TTN Reviews: Purition™ Fuelled by Nature Protein

Being a regular runner these days (wahey), the one thing that doesn't change is the feeling of seriously needing food the minute I return from a run. Purition very kindly agreed to send me some sachets of their Gluten free  formula and I couldn't wait to get stuck in....

Chocolate Body Sculpt Wholefood Super shake:
Post run I chose to have this instead of dinner as I knew we wouldn't be back until after 8pm- I used 250ml KOKO dairy free coconut milk and Half a large Banana with 3-4 ice cubes. A couple of minutes in my Blender and the Body Sculpt was ready... SO Delicious. It didnt have that tell-tale protien powdery texture to it that many protein shakes I have tried had. It felt wholesome just drinking it- mixture of nutty flavours but remaining light. By the time I had finished my glass, I felt full but not bulked down and I had the most settled nights sleep!

Coconut Breakfast Superseed Smoothie:
After discovering that I had run out of my usual weekday breakfast (Nairn's Gluten Free Breakfast Biscuits- perfect with a Bleary eyed cup of tea), I whizzed up a glass of The Coconut Breakfast smoothie with half a banana & coconut milk... It was delicious. Flakes of desicated coconut were featured which just cemented the feeling of wholesomeness. After sipping slowly for about 15 minutes whilst watching the news- I was full. This full feeling lasted until it was Lunch time at work (about 5 hours away). I was worried that I would expeinece the usual sugar crash that i used to get with liquid breakfast options but I didnt, amazing!

Pistachio Breakfast Superseed Smoothie:
Having a sachet of this in my kitchen was perfect on rising with a Champagne hangover! The Pistachio flavour made the resulting drink very light (again made with coconut milk & banana), with that classic taste of (one of my favourite) nuts at the end. It filled me up, and my body felt... supported? Like I had just fed my alcohol battered body with nourishment! I remained full until late afternoon, and recovered from my hangover pretty quickly!

Purition also sent me sample of their 'Body Pro- Protein & Fibre Supershake' which I have yet to try but i feel confident I will like these too!

Overall, I am super impressed with Purition. There is none of that 'dusty' protein powder taste, and it all looks & feels so... natural! I recognise every single ingredient that goes into the formula which makes me feel at ease - I hate not knowing what's going into my body! Plus they are Gluten free & Low GI- er is this my perfect shake or what??

If you are looking for a gluten free/new/better protein shake then implore you to give these guys a whirl - you can purchase single 40g serving sachets from the website here.

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Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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