Friday, 25 April 2014

TTN Visits: Voglia Di Pizza, Rome

Eating Gluten Free in Rome was not as easy as i expected. Okay, so I am known for romanticising everything but I did expect every shop to be able to offer me an abundance of Gluten free goodies seeing as Italians are renowned for their love of food. If you are a big pasta eater, and yet need to live Gluten free, then you will have no problem finding a bowl of gluten free Pasta to feast on. I haven't ever been a big Pasta eater so although grateful, was a little deflated. My real weakness is Pizza and boy was I happy to stumble upon little Voglia Di Pizza in San'Eustachio region of Rome..

Outside the restaurant are little tables with plastic chairs, and a huge sign on the window proudly announcing that they offer a 100% Gluten free menu.

There are 2 identical menus - one 'Senza Glutine' (Gluten Free) and the other offering straight up wheat-y goodness. Both of the menus contained Starters (e.g Bruchetta, Suppli, Croquettas), Salads and Meat dishes but the area of the menu I was most interested in was the Pizza. 

Hungry from another day of non-stop walking around Rome we quickly ordered 2 Suppli, 2 Pizza's, a bottle of sparkling water and a Bottle of the House Red Wine before waiting eagerly for the feast to begin. 

The Suppli came and looked like perfect little breaded Eggs. I thought they were Scotch Eggs at first but was more than happy to find the 'Egg' stuff with a simple Tomato Risotto encasing a strip of Mozzerella cheese. They were good, I could have done with a condiment or 2 but I don't think it's the done thing in Italy so enjoyed the simple fare instead.

A few sips of delicious Red Wine later and our main event was presented to us. 

Large, Cheesy, Crispy & super thin... I wasted no time in cutting myself a slice of the Gluten Free action!

It was the most delicious gluten free pizza I have ever had the sheer pleasure of putting in my mouth! Actually, it was so good that I had to ask the owner if he hadn't got my order mixed up with a Gluten-eaters, which he found amusing! I went for a Salami pizza, which featured Mozzarella cheese and large thin disks of spicy Salami that had slightly caught at the edges in the oven, giving it that delicious crispy pork taste .... ah my mouth is watering like mad here!!

I devoured the Pizza and was stuffed but oh so happy. Someone in the UK needs to get a hold of the recipe for their bases like NOW (please). 

The whole meal came to €38 which in my books was worth every cent. 

We enjoyed the experience so much that we returned again the next night for more of that crispy crusted action and decided, although we were stuffed,  to try the gluten free cheesecake (when in Rome)... not the best i have had but not bad!

If you are ever in Rome, whether gluten free or not, I implore you to pay Vogli di Pizza a visit. The waitresses are friendly, a vast menu is available and did I not mention, THE PIZZA IS AMAZING!!!

You can find the website for Voglia Di Pizza here.

Okay, one more shot of the Pizza....

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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