Wednesday, 9 April 2014

TTN Visits: Roti Chai, W1H

So after a miserable gluten free experience (read the post here) at the W hotel, I was determined to end my day with decent gluten free fare- which London is pretty darn good at!

We mooched around Soho to walk off Archer Street cocktails (I have spotted a few restaurants that I will be visiting to blog about) when the Boy suddenly had a bright idea to whisk me to Roti Chai for some Indian grub (he knows my love of rice so well)...

Roti Chai is a stones throw from Selfridges, and you can choose to dine in the Dining Room or Street Kitchen area. We choose the Street Kitchen area and waited for our table downstairs with a humongous Green Eyed Monster cocktail before quickly being assisted to our table back upstairs. 

The open kitchen allowed for the room to fill up with the most gorgeous smells and sizzling sounds- oh how our tummies rumbled!

I browsed the menu, then decided to ask if they might have a Gluten free menu. I honestly thought the Waiter would say no, but to my delight I was presented with a Gluten free menu (Dairy free on the other side) that was essentially the same size as the standard menu. Even more helpful was that the dishes were colour coded (Green = Totally gluten free; Yellow = contained some gluten) to make choosing even easier! My mood improved dramatically...

We went for:
Chicken Lollipops (mostly for me)
Chicken Samosas (for him)
Aloo Gobi
Railway Lamb curry with Chipaties (To share but The bread was for Him)
..... Chicken Curry (to share)
Riata dip  (Because we love a dip)
Mango & Pistachio Kulfi (Becasue I have never had Kulfi!)

The Chicken Lollipops were crisp on the outside with hot spicy Keralan spices, but oh so moist and tender inside, these were served with a cooling Coriander dip. There was a wait for the Chicken Samosa's, but we had a fabulous waitress who hunted down some Samosas pretty sharp-ish. I sampled some of the Dahl on the side of the Samosa's which was divine and I would eat a bowl of it on it's own!

The Curries came next, which looked deceptively small. The Railway Lamb  reminded me of a Rogan Josh- the chunks of Lamb were divine (to have this gluten free it would come served with Rice instead of Chapatis). The Chicken curry was my favourite- hunks of Tender thigh meat, in a spicy sauce with Kidney Beans! Oh my mouth is watering just writing about it! The Aloo Gobi was divine- my favourite way to eat Cauliflower I think!

There is always room for pudding, and with the temperature inside the resturant increasing we couldn't not have a taste of the Kulfis on offer... oh, these were goooooood! Creamy, yet fresh. Pistachio was my favourite but actually I loved the Mango too. We slurped our way through the Kulfi and our cocktails, feeling full and deeply content!

The Bill came to £70, which for 3 (plus a side with our main) courses each and a large cocktail near Selfridges is a good price in my eyes! The service was very good, the atmosphere exciting and the food spicy & exotic.. I can't wait to go back!

Amen to another London restaurant making Gluten free eating an absolute dream, HURRAH!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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