Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rome City Break- What to pack?

Black TOPSHOP Skinny Jeans; Striped ZARA dress; M&S Camel Cashmere Jumper; Pink ZARA Coat; Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne; Bioderma Sebium H2O 100ml; CHANEL 'Pirate' Lipstick; ASOS Shell top; OFFICE Nude Loafers; Liz Earle Essentials Try-It Kit & NIKE Roche Run's

How fast has the time gone recently? I cannot believe that we are already in April! I also cannot believe that next Sunday, the Boy and I are jetting off to Rome for a few days of Italian culture & Tourist shenanigans. I will be sure to Blog about my trip for you all, as I'm sure I will have more than enough photos to share! 

I am a little nervous about Gluten Free dining in Rome but have been reading up on how Gluten free friendly Rome is so I am hopeful that I will be spending my Roman days munching on GF pizza and pasta dishes to my heart's content.

So, what does a girl pack for 4 days in Rome when she only has Hand luggage allowance? 
Yep, I am going to attempt to pack light for an Italian City - I must be mad! 

Some of the items in the above picture I have already (HOW comfy are the Nike Roche Runs?) but I have added a few items that I have recently seen on the Internet that I am swooning over BIG time (Hello Pink Zara Coat and Stripe Dress)! I will be throwing into my case some Basic Tees, My Camera, Sunglasses, my Cashmere Jumper (the one in the picture is very similar) as well as essential toiletries which I didn't think you would want to see (contact lenses, hair bands etc). 

What would you pack for Rome?? Suggestions on here or Twitter would be appreciated as I am at a loss!

Also. for anyone who has eaten gluten free in Rome- any tips? Restaurant recommendation's, things to not miss would also be welcome!

The next time I blog, I will be (if Gluten Free dining goes well) a little heavier with a head full of Roman memories... I cannot wait!!

Sorry for this short post. I am cream-crackered after a day of running around after my Cousin who ran the London Marathon for MS Society UK today. I am so proud of her!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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