Sunday, 6 April 2014

TTN Visits: W Hotel London (for Gluten Free Afternoon Tea)

Warning: This post comes with high levels of moaning.

There isn't many photos of my Gluten tea at the W hotel in London because, quite frankly, there wasn't really anything to take a photo of! 

Whilst everyone else at the Baby Shower munched their way through a colourful, themed afternoon tea presented like this....

I munched my way, as slow as possible, through this offering (which the waiting staff forgot to bring out for me, so I had to ask where my food was)...

What a shame. 

The bread was good though but there was far too much butter and I seemed to be missing some of the fillings that the others had. 

When I enquired as to where my cakes were- the waiter, with uncertainty, said 'you can have the meringue and I think the chocolate mousse'. Good job I am not a ceoliac because his, um, advice didn't instil much confidence in a gluten free treat at all.

The shot glass of chocolate mousse was nice but seriously, gluten free eaters do like more than a SHOT of something sweet you know.

I felt really embarrassed actually.

I would return again to the W for a cocktail and a lounge at the bar, but its a big no-go place for Gluten free munchies I'm afraid! So annoying, as I was excited to share with you all what I hoped was going to to be a really special Gluten free option..

I retreated to the comfort of Archer Street Bar for an Apple cocktail, to perk me up after a disappointing afternoon food-wise.

(You will be pleased to know that my faith in Gluten free humanity was restored later on when having dinner elsewhere. Post to follow)

Lots of Love
xxx TTN xxx

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