Monday, 11 August 2014

Big Wardrobe Clear Out

I didn't realise it was happening until I couldn't ignore it any more. I had become a hoarder, specifically a hoarder of clothes...

Usually I don't like lots of stuff surrounding me, especially when it encroaches on my space. Yes that right- I AM the sort of person who re-arranges the table at a restaurant to my liking, soz but not soz on that one- I don't want a wall of seasoning/flowers in the middle of my conversation.

I feel very fortunate to live in a furnished flat that came equipped with a huge wardrobe plus second smaller one complete with drawers. But as the years have gone by, I seem to have clung onto every item of clothing if it fitted okay, even if it was tatty or not my style any more. After yet another wardrobe argument with myself, something had to give,

If you follow me on Twitter you will regularly see me praising You-Tube. Something that i only discovered about a year ago and have become very addicted to, becoming a fan girl to 5 volggers whose channels i check daily for new videos. No, I'm not even ashamed about it  (FYI these vloggers are Vivianna does Makeup, Lilly Pebbles, Tanya Burr, Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter - if you don't know them then you should). Recently VDM posted a series of videos focusing on a capulse wardrobe (link to one video here), and feeling very inspired, it was decided I also was going to get some control of my storage asap (also, I have to mention City Girls Fashion Box who also blogged about a wardrobe sort out that was also inspiring, link).

So on Saturday, in need of a PJ day due to a few too many drinks after work the night before, I knew I had a mission that i had to accept.

Here is what i started with.....

I know I know, awful. How can someone have so many clothes yet never anything to wear. Endless times I would look into my wardrobe and actually get disheartened after 5 minutes because I didn't like at least 60% of what was in there. Things would fall off the hangers and be lost in there- awful!

6 hours, a clean and many bags later, my wardrobe now looks like this...

Okay, so not as capsule as I expected (probably should have worked on presentation of the clothes before snapping). Apparently when i go shopping I don't ever think of outfits and instead purchase anything willy-nilly (argh!) but I think this is because I had no clear idea on what I had already in my wardrobe.

 I won't ever be able to have a tiny capsule wardrobe because due to having an office job, I need  smart yet comfortable clothes to wear Monday to Friday whereas at the weekend I wear denim or midi skirts with jersey tops. That aside, i still am pretty happy with the outcome. 

I have a rail for my weekend items, another for work & occasion wear. One shelf for tee's and another half shelf for Denim. My winter wear has been neatly folded and placed at the very top ready to be swapped over with the summer dresses once the weather changes (but not yet Mr Sunshine, I haven't had my fill of you quite yet). 

My shoe collection is looking better, with a few heels that have been given another chance to be worn over the next 6 months before I also pass them on.

 I also have one very small pile of 'maybe' clothes that in a few months I will take down, look at again and with make my final decision on.

The one thing I am loving is that I can actually see my clothes and so can see where I need to replenish classics or purchase an item to complete an outfit that I will wear for once.  I'm a little way off having a completely co-ordinated weekend wardrobe but boy am I on the right track. Here's to sensible-will-be-worn-suits-me purchasing!

What have I done with the clothes I have evicted, you ask? 

One half has been taken to my local charity shop- I live in one of the poorest boroughs in London and the Charity shop near me is always full of people looking for a bargain to purchase plus I feel it will bring me good karma (note: all the clothes are washed and wearable). 

The other half will be passed to family or friends, who more times than often will give me £10 for a few items. I know eBay should be my port of call but to be honest, I have never had a good track record with selling on eBay and cannot be bothered to fork out for envelopes/stamps etc (snore).

I even convinced The Boy to throw a fair amount out on his side of the wardrobe too! Miracle!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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