Sunday, 17 August 2014

TTN Reviews: Udi's Gluten Free Cookie Mix

With BBC's Great British Bake Off back on our TV screens (Hurry for Mary Berry and her fabulousness), it was only a matter of time before I too tried my hand at a little baking. This is whete Udi's Cookie Mix came in to play....

Purchased on a whim, Udi's Gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookie mix was perfect for a quick bake one evening. 

To make a batch of 22 fairly decent sized cookies we used:
1 x Box of Udi's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie mix
250g Organic unsalted butter (you know, the hard block kind)
1 medium Free range egg
3 Tbsp Honey
Half tsp Organic Vanilla flavouring
Dove's Gluten Free Plain Flour for dusting
Rolling Pin
Baking Trays
Oven preheating to 180 degree's
Baking Paper
Large Bowl with Spoon OR Kenwood Food Processor with whisk attachment (not sure if that was right though)
Cookie Cutter (we didn't have one so improvised)
Cooling Rack (again, we didn't have one so improvised)

This was honestly the quickest baking ever, but here is the method as follows:

1. Add the contents of the packet to a bowl with the Butter (slightly soft) cut into cubes before mixing until it takes on a crumbly texture
2. Add your Egg (beaten) to the mixture with the Vanilla Flavouring and Honey and mix again

3. Once the Mixture has come together into a dough ball shape, get onto a lightly floured surface ready to roll.

4. In the absence of a cookie cutter, We decided to roll the whole mixture into a long sausage shape and cut portions of the dough before flattening out by hand.... which worked rather well!

5. Place on a lined Baking tray or 3 and into the preheated oven for 18 minutes.

6. Carfully lift out of the oven and leave somewhere to cool. Try to not tuck in until the cookies are nearly cool.

With the cookies very slightly warm still, we served ours with a scoop of Chocolate Ice cream. It was gooooood!

The cookies are very sweet (one small one is enough for me but The Boy has been tucking into the jar on a regular basis), the texture is a little crumbly as expected with Gluten Free bakes but some of the thicker and bigger cookies had a slight gooey/chewy centre which reminded me of Millies Cookies (anyone remember getting one of those when they were younger?). The one packet of Udi's mixture filled up a large Kilner jar, and a few days later they were still good for eatin'.. so all in all a successful baking experience.

I am really tempted to pick up another packet of Udi's mixes to try out, i have my eyes on the Pizza Dough mix and the chocolate cake mixture... yep, good one Katie, nice and healthy choices there! (whoops)...

Udi's Twitter here
Udi's Facebook here

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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