Sunday, 10 August 2014

TTN Visits: Dirty Burger Chicken Shop, Whitechapel E1

One Thursday, with a warm evening upon us  and a day off work the next day, The Boy and I took a walk to Dirty Burger Chicken Shop to see what the hoo-hah was about....

An old chapel style venue (I feel confident that someone else will be able to describe the venue far better than me) with dirty gates open wide greets you but as you  walk inside you will find yourself in what I would call my idea; eating venue- exposed white painted brickwork with an open kitchen and fairy lights surrounding tables full of fun loving groups. I love finding venues that have surprising decor where you feel adequately dressed in jeans and flats but at the same time would don some heels and take a gaggle of pals for serious catch ups.

Terrible photo skills!
The smells of the food coming from the open kitchen are enough to make your mouth water and the small menu printed on the wall makes choosing very quick and easy (heavenly for a rubbish decision maker like me)...
The Boy went for a Dirty Cheeseburger with a large glass of Camden pale ale. I went for a quarter Chicken from ChickenShop side of the meny, with a Budvar to wash it down. Naturally we didnt hold back on the sides - we shared Coleslaw, Chips, Onion Rings (for him, not me) and a Lettuce & Avo salad. 

The food came quickly (another tick in our box)... The Burger was demolished by Mr before I had a chance to snap a picture! My chicken was moist and flavourful, not quite as meaty as I would like but much better than a popular chicken fast food restaurant! The sides were huge and really made the meal for me - served in deep enamel bowl's was perfectly fresh crunchy Coleslaw and crisp Crinkle Fries that were not greasy in the slightest and the salad, served in a large flat enamel dish, was huge and moreish lihtly dressed with a butter sauce... The Onion rings (or Onion Fries) got the thumbs up from The Boy and also were rather large. I loved the Garlic Aioli and Smokey sauce brought to the table...

I love the vibe and for £20pp the price is decent for a funky location and filling meal, I will be returning for sure,I only wish they offered a gluten free bun option for their burgers!

All Information about Dirty Burger Chicken Shop can be found here or here

Needless to say, after our feast, we walked very slowly home!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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