Friday, 1 August 2014

Monthly Favourites: July 2014

Another manic, sun filled month has whizzed by and my top 10 things that have kept me smiling this month are...

Yes, the girl who didn't enjoy breakfast has found a breakfast that she does indeed enjoy... Check out my review here

2. Marks & Spencer's Gluten Free Carrot Cake
M&S have certainly upped their game with their Gluten Free offerings of late, their Gluten Free Carrot cake is soft, light and soooooo delicious. Perfect with a cup of tea or that afternoon when only a slice of cake will do. I must say, the Coffee Cake comes a close second though....

I cannot stop playing this song. i currently have the Jay-Z version on my phone but the original is just as good... I defy anyone who doesn't at least tap their feet to the beat (or n my case go into full on two stepping like a mad woman)...

Intrigued by the pink colour and wanting to funk up my lunchtime Salad, I picked up a bottle of this gluten free dressing and was so impressed at the taste. Its a little like a very posh salad cream, I Love it on a Turkey salad in the sunshine (its only 54 calories per 15ml serving too!)

Blog review to come... I love the atmosphere, the d├ęcor and the simple yet yummy menu. If they could do a gluten free bun option I would be serious cool food heaven.

6. San Pelligrino Blood Orange
My favourite fizzy drink and so perfect as a little treat from water during these hot days! Blood Oranges have such a delicious taste, when they are next in season I'm going to make an effort to eat more of them!

7. Eye lash curlers
Why oh why has no-one ever told me about the magic powers of eye-lash curlers before?? I purchase a cheap pair to try out and cannot stop using them! They make my eyes look bigger and my lashes longer.. as well as making mascara application a doddle. Yay!

8. Seriously using my Cinema Membership
One saturday, London got hot. I mean, seriously hot. So hot that The Boy and I spent 5 hours in the air conditioned lovely cinema watching 2 films (Maleficent & Dawn of the Planet of Apes) almost back to back. Followed by seeing Monty Python Live the next day! It was lazy, yes. But it was so good!

9. Shorter hair
Maybe it was the 3 cocktails i was served at my hairdressers, or maybe it was impulse but I decided to have my hair chopped shorter than its been for a long time. I love it. It's easy to maintain, makes me look my age and gives me a little bit of sophistication (leading to my boss at work call me 'Sophisti-Katie').

10. Sunshine 
Hello Summer you beauty, never leave my life again! 

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I had a mad idea to delete pictures from my phone and ended up deleting all the snaps of my favourite things.... error!

Bring on August- I cannot believe we are already in August!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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