Thursday, 13 March 2014

Chicken Noodle Broth (Gluten Free & Super Fast)

As much as I hate to admit, I have become a bit of a lazy cook. This means I want food in my fridge that will take minimal effort to prep and minimal time to cook, especially during the working week.

I got my most recent favourite recipe idea from The Londoner, whose blog I just cannot get enough of- she is so glamorous and she gives you a lovely insight into her life (perfect for nosey people like me). I tweaked her recipe  as I don't like Soy or Fish Sauce (I can hear you Thai food lovers gasping) plus I want it to be as Gluten free as possible... So here is MY take on Chicken Noodle Broth...

To make enough for 2 you will need:

2 pre cooked chicken breasts/good handfuls of roast chicken 
500ml of Gluten free Chicken Sock (I use 1 Kallo Gluten Free Chicken stock cube in boiling water)
1/2 tin of Light Coconut milk
Tin of Sweetcorn
2/3 spring Onions
2 nests of Rice noodles Or a bag of fresh rice noodles
a couple of drops of Seasme Oil
1 red chilli
1 Thumb-sized piece of Ginger
1 Garlic clove
Large handful of Fresh Coriander
Olive Oil/ Your choice of oil
Prawn Crackers (if you want)

1. You need to make your paste- if you have one of these beauties then it'll be ready in seconds. Chuck in your peeled Ginger & Garlic, de-seeded Chilli, and the Coriander with a drizzle of your oil to help the paste come together, then give it a good old Whizz. If you don't have a food processor then chopping everything up as fine as you can will work as well  i'm sure- just add the oil to the Wok.

Flick the kettle on to make your stock with/soak your dry rice noodles in - unless you have fresh stock and noodles, in which case ignore this.

2. Heat up a Wok and add the Paste, give it a few minutes to get the flavours going.
Meanwhile, roughly chop the Spring Onions and throw into the Wok (if you have other veggies to hand like a Pepper then do the same) to soften

3. Roughly chop/shred your cooked Chicken. Add to the Wok.

4. If using Dry Rice noodles place your 2 nests into a bowl and pour boiling water over them to soften. If using a stock cube make up your 500 ml of stock.

5. Add your Sweetcorn, few drops of Sesame Oil, your stock and your coconut milk to the Wok. Bring to the boil then turn down a little so it bubbles away nicely.

6. After a minute, drain and add your rice noodles (or chuck your Noodles in if using fresh)

7. give it a good stir and leave everything to settle (maybe use this time to chuck everything in the dishwasher/sink) and get the bowls out

8. Once everything is warmed though, you are ready to serve! Ladle your chicken noodle broth lovingly into Bowls (you can garnish with leftover Coridander/Chilli Slices if you want)- and Dinner is SERVED!!

Tip: Use a spoon to eat the broth and a fork to get stuck into the Chicken/Veggies/Noodles.

If you are like me- You will burn your mouth, so sorry in advance but it will be worth it!

From start to finish, It takes less than 15 minutes- which is one fast dinner in my books!

I love love love this recipe and I hope you do too!


xxx TTN xxx

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