Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Flavour of Spring with Maldon Salt

Maldon's 'Flavour of Spring' Competition has got me thinking about what my 'Flavour of Spring' actually is. I am the kind of person that will eat a salad when it snows if my taste buds are inclined to. The season of Spring conjures up images of Green in my mind. As the weather starts to get milder, the days longer and nature starting to bloom, Green seems a good association. When I think of green foods- I always think instantly of Avocados. 

I am, what can only be described as, a Avocado NUT. I love them- I will happily get a spoon and eat the creamy Avo flesh as if it was yoghurt. Not only are they delicious but they are so unbelievably good for you as they are rich in essential oils (great for your skin), High in Mono-unsaturated fats (the good Fats), High in Potassium and Fibre and well- they are GREEN. Eating anything naturally green is a good thing in my books!

So, my #Flavourofspring recipe using Maldon Salt is Guacamole. I know many people will associate Guacamole with Summer, but I think its totally acceptable all year round.

To make Guacamole for 2 you will need:

1- 2 Ripe Avocado's 
1/2 a Lime for juicing (or use the bottled lemon juice, whatever suits)
Good Handful of Fresh Coriander
1/2  small red onion 
1 Clove fresh garlic
Maldon Sea Salt
Maldon Peppercorns in your grinder

Finely dice your Red onion; Crush the garlic; Chop the Coriander and add to a bowl.
Half your Avocado/s, scoop out all the flesh and add to the bowl. Give it all a good mash.

Squeeze over a few drops of fresh Lime (to stop the Avo from browning); 

Sprinkle over a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes and a good few cracks of Black pepper (which I have discovered Maldon also do). 

Mix and serve in some nice bowls alongside Gluten free Corn Chips and your favourite spicy sauces.

If you don't fancy dipping then, here's a few ideas: :
-  Pile a scoop on top of Soup to pimp up your bowl (I like this with a Mexican bean Soup)
- Dollop on top of Homemade Chilli Con Carne
- Spread Inside Fajitas (These could be Halloumi/Tofu/Veggie/Chicken/Steak/Fish variety)
- Pile Alongside Fish with Basmati Rice
- With Raw Veggie Crudities 
- Inside a sandwich to replace Mayo/coleslaw 

 If you love a Spicy kick to your Guac, you can add some diced fresh Chilli to the mix. 

If you make too much, then store  inside a seal tight box in the fridge with the Avocado Stone. I don't know why, but storing with the Stone really helps slow down the inevitable browning! I would eat within a couple of days (not that it ever lasts this long in my house).

What is your Flavour of Spring?


Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

** During their Flavour of Spring campaign, Maldon Salt asked me to come up with a simple recipe using Maldon Salt Flakes. This  recipe is my own as are all thoughts, photos & Opinions**

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