Sunday, 23 March 2014

TTN Reviews: Genius Gluten Free Croissants

Yes, people. I finally got my hands on some Gluten Free Puff Pastry!!!! PUFF BLIMMIN' PASTRY!!!!!

I have only just finished clearing up from said Puff Pastry feasting, and I had to Blog to you all my sheer jubilation at what I have just had in my mouth! (you should have seen me in Tesco's when I realised what I had spotted in the Free From section. Or actually, its probably best you didn't).

I wasn't ever the worlds biggest pastry eater in my Gluten days, but I have recently been craving a weekend Croissant now that the weather is slowly improving.

Genius Free From Croissants come in packs of 2, and I thought they looked a little smaller than expected but when next to a standard croissant- actually weren't a dissimilar size. On opening the packet you instantly smell a Danish scent (exciting!) and after 10 minutes in a 170 degree fan oven, I had a flat that smelt like buttery pastry (its worth noting that Genius Croissants are dairy free and so use Margarine, so by Butter i mean Margarine... ahem) and a rumbling tummy.

Never have i been so excited to see flakes of pastry when ripping the Croissant in half....

The Taste? Exactly like I remember a Croissant tasting. There was a  tell-tale hint of 'Gluten Free' floury-ness  but I was too preoccupied smearing over Nutella/Raspberry Jam/Peanut Butter to care...

I also picked up the Pain Au Chocolates (for next weekend) and the Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls (out of pure Greed, my bad) which I have yet to try, but Genius has my trust so I know I will be left smiling after these products too!

Genius Stockist Information can be found here.
Twitter for the gang at Genius is here. Facebook here.

After a lazy Sunday morning, I am off for a run (keeping the balance and all that).

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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