Monday, 3 March 2014

Mum's Sausage Plait (with a Gluten Free twist)

As many of you may have heard, the wonderful company Genius gluten free has released a Frozen Puff Pastry and a Frozen Shortcrust pastry-Music to my ears! I was super excited and even sent my dear Mum out on a hunt to find me some whilst I searched London for some- as expected she was victorious. With 2 blocks of Gluten Free puff pastry in my Freezer I knew it wouldn’t be long before I cooked with one- So I thought I would show you all how to make Sausage Plait.....

To make Sausage plait you will need:
- 1 Egg 
- I egg brush
- Gluten free flour (you can use standard flour if you can eat it)
- Gluten free Sausage meat (I  have used Heck- my favourite Square sausage's)
- 1 Onion 
- Black pepper
- Baking Tray
- Oven
- Rolling Pin
- Sharp knife
- Baking Paper
- Genius Gluten Free Puff Pastry (or standard puff pastry if you can eat it)- make   sure its fully defrosted and at room temperature

How to make Sausage Plait....1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C (based on a Fan oven)
2. Dice up your onion nice and fine, or if you are lazy like me- quarter and blitz in a food  processor...
3. On a clean surface, lightly dust with your flour putting a little on the rolling pin too to prevent sticking
4. Take your block of pastry and roll out thinly trying to keep it rectangular (I failed)
5. Carefully move your pastry onto some baking paper so you can transfer onto the tray with ease later (I'm sure there is another way to do this)

6. In the centre of your pastry scatter your Onion pieces, black pepper and ripped up chunks of sausage meat.

7.Using your sharp knife, score lines from the edge of the meat/onion area to make diagonal strips.
 8.Take one strip of pastry and lay it over the centre, take another strip from the other side and do the same so the two pieces meet. Repeat.

9. Dip your brush into the beaten egg, paint over the pastry to encourage a nice golden colour in the oven
10. Place on a baking tray and into the oven it goes for about 45 minutes
11. Take out, serve with Baked Beans or a salad OR leave to go cold and eating for lunch with a dollop of ketchup or chilli sauce!

It’s basically like a huge sausage roll, I’m sure this would work in other flavours combinations but then it wouldn’t be Sausage Plait and that would be sad indeed!
I think I over rolled my Pastry as it wasn’t very Puff-y so was more like a Shortcrust but still delicious.

You can purchase Genius Gluten Free Pastry from ASDA and also Tesco – the full stockist details are here..

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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