Saturday, 8 March 2014

TTN Visits: Flat Iron Steak, Soho

After trying, and failing, a number of times to get a seat in Flat Iron I was so happy when on a Friday off from work we managed to bag a table for a late lunch.

There is only one thing on the menu (there is always a special, I was told) - Flat Iron steak that comes with a salad for £10. We had a easy task of picking a few sides to share and a drink each before waiting for our first Flat Iron sipping our drinks and munching on the complimentary Popcorn.

The waitress explained to me that Flat Iron is a cut of Beef taken from the shoulder, usually reserved for roasting- but its cooked in a way to ensure its super tender. 

We heard a little bell ringing then the steaks were presented to us  on warm stones set inside wooden boards- cutlery includes a mini meat cleaver which isn't needed as the Steak is already sliced for you with all its juices pouring out in a delicious manner. The sides were brought in little enamel bowls quickly after and we were off.

With the first bite, I knew we were onto something special. It was the most juiciest, delicate steak I have ever put in my mouth. I'm salivating a little as i write this. We then dived into the sides- we went for Beef dripping chips, Creamed Spinach and Aubergine with Tomato and Basil (my wildcard side).

The Chips were crisp with that delicious taste you can only get from beef dripping. The Creamed Spinach was soft, creamy with a hint of Nutmeg. But, it was the Aubergine side that blew me away- Soft sweet aubergine in a tomato, basil and onion (im guessing here) sauce and topped with Parmesan which had been baked- AMAZING. I would be happy to have a large tray of that if I'm honest. I also choose Horseradish cream as my sauce- it was perfect, delicate with a lovely kick of Horseradish.

The meal was over too quickly, and the bill was brought over- just over £40 including service charge which I think is really good value for money given that it's in central London and we were full,happy customers.

The service was lovely too- the waiting staff explained all about the cut of steak which was lovely, they were attentive without being pushy- I could have stayed there for ages, and I've since found out that the ground floor has a cocktail bar so I will be returning!

Flat Iron don't take reservations, but do try and pay a visit if steak is your thing- you wont regret it!
Flat Iron is on Twitter here and on Facebook here
A link to the website is here 

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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  1. Great review and excellent photo's.
    Intending to pay a visit to Flat Iron tomorrow for lunch (hope queue/wait isn't too long).
    I have wanted to visit this place for ages.