Sunday, 15 June 2014

Basilico Pizza

I love pizza.... I think I say it often enough on here. Since being Gluten free- the discovery that Gluten Free Pizza can bee just as tasty as I hoped has been a revelation...

After a busy night on Friday, I decided to dedicate my weekend to rest (we have 11 days until holiday time so this was my last weekend to just do nothing). When we are having a lazy day, there is one food that I want. Pizza.

Basilicio Pizza had pushed a leaflet through our door, and we decided to give it a whirl. The menu looks amazing. You can order antipasti, Salads, Pudding and the Menu even feature's a bottle of Prossecco for under £15! I went for a Gluten Free 12" Mushroom and Salami pizza.

The pizzas were delivered in under 40 minutes, were piping hot and much bigger than I expected.

Firstly, I couldn't finish my pizza. It was so filling. Even after a few more attempts  the Pizza  defeated me which made the £12 price tag very agreeable.
Secondly, the Gluten Free base. I think it's home-made.It's very white with herbs within the 'dough'. I personally would have liked to have it cooked for longer. Too chewy and not crispy enough. but the parts that were cooked enough, were delicious.
Thirdly, the toppings. All very good quality and surprisingly rich. So good.

I will definitely be ordering from Basilico Pizza  again. Perfect posh take-away grub and certainly made for sharing.

If you fancy giving Basilicio a whirl, their webite link is here.
 For those of you that can eat Gluten.... here's The Boy's Pizza...

.. looks good. doesn't it?

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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