Monday, 23 June 2014

TTN Reviews: Tesco Free Free Lasagne Sheets

There are certain things that I really have craved since day one of not eating Gluten. Many I have found a good Gluten Free alternative to (Pizza, Bread) but one thing I still had yet to eat again was a good old Lasagne. Until I found Tesco's Free From Lasagne Sheets...

I went on a bit of a crazy cooking spree one night a few weeks ago and cooked up a Chill con Carne at the same time as a Bolognese sauce. It was multitasking at its best and made a serious mess!

In my Bolognese sauce I use:
- Lean or Extra Lean British Beef Mince
-  1 Onion
- 1 Carrott
- 2 Peppers 
- Knorr Flavour Shot pot in Italian
- 1 tsp Mixed Italian Seasoning
- 1 Clove of Garlic
- Olive oil and a little butter (too cook the onion's in)
- Chestnut mushrooms ( I use loads as it bulks up the sauce and i love them)
- 2 Tins of Tomatoes
- A squige of Ketchup
-Another of Tomato Puree
- A good glug of red wine (I use any I have to hand)
- Knorr Gluten Free Beef Stock cube
- Splash of Lea & perrins

As you can tell - I kind of just add anything I have to hand as I find Lean Beef mince to not really have its own flavour. I sweat the onions and the Garlic; Brown the mince; add the Veg and cook everything for 5 minutes to get the flavour of the Veggies out. Then I add the flavourings  and the Tinned Tomatoes then leave to simmer away for at least 30 minutes, stirring every now and then to ensure that nothing sticks to the pot. Then's it done!

With holiday nearing, and not wanting to leave much in the Fridge or Freezer, we planned our big food shop and picked up the Lasagne sheets with some Lloyd Grossman White Sauce for Lasagne (I read the back of the pack and couldn’t find any Gluten containing ingredients). This weekend I dug out the frozen Bolognese sauce from the Freezer to attempt to make a dish that I was in need of...

A friend took us out yesterday for some Shandies in the Sun along the Thames, with a good walk to and from the pub we were building up quite an appetite...

We had already pre-cooked the lasagne in the oven for 45 minutes then left it out to go cold before putting the dish back in the oven to reheat for 20 minutes. We served our Bolognese baby with a big bowl of Salad and Garlic Bread (I made mine with 2 DS oven baked Ciabattas with Lurpack Garlic Butter). Let me tell you, it was a feast...

The Lasagne sheets were the perfect texture - we blanched the sheets for about 4 minutes each before layering in a dish and baking. You honestly cannot tell the difference between these sheets and gluten containing ones. Amazing! 

As we were all well fed, I placed the remaining Lasagne in the freezer to defrost when we return from our holidays. I reckon it will certainly help beat off any post-holiday blues.

I am really impressed with these Lasagne sheets. I don't usually try much of Supermarket own brand gluten free foods, but with Tesco's FF Pittas also being a triumph- I think I will have to try another product in the range fairly soon!

Oh, and the Lloyd Grossman white sauce? Delicious. I am not a huge white sauce fan but this one manages to be creamy in texture without being heavy. The perfect cheats ingredient to making a delicious dish...

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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