Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mission: Birthday Brunching

Last Sunday was The Boy's birthday. He shares his birthday with one of our close friends so we double-dated for the day and boy did we have fun!

First up, after meeting in Spitalfields to get some Cold coffees and Ice-cream and having a  mooch around the Market,we headed to this place...

It doesn't look like much, I agree. But hidden at the back of this building is ClueQuest. I can't give away details or it will ruin the secrets hidden within but basically we spent 60 minutes frantically puzzling and team-working our way out of a room (Okay, that is a Rubbish description so check them out here). 

I did feel really silly at the start of the mission but by the end of the hour I was fully engrossed. There was sweating and shouting galore but we beat the clock with 1 minute to spare.... so tense. So brilliant!

All the Puzzling certainly worked up a serious appetite. To celebrate our victory at completing our mission (and saving the world) we headed off into the sunshine for Brunch at Duck & Waffle.

The views were as amazing as the last time I went.

Being hungry, We all opted for The Full English- with a Gluten Free version ordered for me and a Pregnancy friendly version for A. 

Being so warm (hello British Summer time) we all opted for fresh juices - I went for Pineapple which was soooo yummy. 

We also all shared a Guinness & Marmite cocktail which was actually super sweet and pretty delicious and was perfect with the BBQ Pigs ears (don't knock it till you've tried it guys, they are amazing!) to nibble at.

We finished our meal with 2 Fruit salads. Not as large in portion size as we had the first time we visited but still delicious and a great refreshing end to a hot lunch on a Sunny day.

Next up, we caught a bus to Regent street in the hope of seeing the amazing cars taking part in the Gumball 3000. The event has become so much bigger than when I last saw it about 4 years ago. Regent Street was blocked off for the event this year, Promo girls gave out cold Gumball energy drinks, Capital FM were playing music and Skaters were showing of their skills on a high ramp.

As the cars were delayed in arriving, us girls snuck off for some shopping in Topshop before meeting the birthday boys for a Cold drink at The Blue Posy in Kingly Street.
I picked up this denim dress for my impending holiday..
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By 7:30pm the Cars had not arrived and the crowds were growing in size, so we decided to call an end to a wonderful day.

It was all so so much fun and the perfect way to celebrate the birthdays of two big kids!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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  1. Looks like a super day. I wish I had been there. Great photos. You are a very talented young lady.