Monday, 7 July 2014

Cape Verde 2014

After a crazy 6 months, The Boy and I needed some serious chill time together before what looks like another manic 6 months starts again... 

With European package holidays being pretty pricey for the time of year we could go away, we turned to further afield for our sunshine and bagged a rather fairly priced All inclusive package deal to Sal in Cape Verde, 6 hours flight and 450km from Senegal. We couldn't wait....

For the first time, the whole journey experience with Thomson (both to and from the UK) was seamless and actually rather enjoyable. With Bag Drop being a breeze, we had more than enough time to enjoy a breakfast with a Bellini at Jamie Oliver's Italian to get us into the holiday mood.
Gluten Free Meal

I was rather nervous about the flight as I had put in a request for a Gluten Free Plane meal- I shouldn't have been so worried. I enjoyed a Roast Chicken Dinner and a Piri Piri Chicken with Vegetable Rice (Both meals served with GF bread roll and side salad). There does need to be some serious work on the GF pudding option which although looked like a cheesecake, actually tasted like Tacky nail varnish (gag)  but the fact that I managed to enjoy a Gluten Free Plane Food experience was a nice touch.

We stayed at RIU Hotel Garoupa, and it was one of the cleanest hotels I have ever stayed in. The staff were brilliant and the food was good. Okay so the food wasn't going to win a Michelin star, and there were no gluten free options BUT I didn't go hungry. I enjoyed Oats with Yoghurt and Fresh fruit or Eggs and Baked Beans for Breakfast; followed by Grilled meats with Salad for my Lunch and Dinner - perfect.

There is very little infrastructure in Sal, we enjoyed a free walking tour of Santa Maria but after that we opted to spend our time walking on the golden sandy beach, reading our books and swimming in the sea. With no wifi anywhere other than the Reception area, we really did switch off and chill out!

Again, the Vitamin D for me gave me a lovely boost or perhaps it was the amount of rest I got. Yes that's right, I have no shame in saying that I was in bed by 9:30 every night!

Next year I am really hoping to return to Thailand or Vietnam. I loved my month in Thailand 4 years ago and want to experience it all again! For now though, I have my Tan from Sal to keep me happy!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

p.s check out my 'I've-got-burnt-feet' face....


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