Sunday, 20 July 2014

TTN Reviews: Lizi's Granola

On holiday this year I finally found a breakfast option that I couldn't get enough of - Granola/Museli with yoghurt. When Lizis' kindly offered to send me some samples of their Granola, I couldn't wait to try it out...

It's worth mentioning that Lizi's Granola is not strictly Gluten Free as the oats are grown naturally in a field near to other cereal crops (i.e. Wheat) and so contamination of Gluten may occur. 

Okay so what is Lizi's Granola all about? The Original flavour contains Jumbo Rolled Oats; Cashew, Walnut and Hazelnut pieces; Pumpkin, Sunflower and Golden Linseeds; Dessicated coconut and Oligiofructose (a natural soluble fibre from Chicory).

It's Low GI meaning it releases sugars slowly into the bloodstream and so will keep you feeling fuller for longer. I used to follow a Low GI diet years ago and found my body responding amazingly well to it so since then have always tried to keep my diet Low GI, as much as possible, because I hate that low-sugar-level feeling (you know, when you feel all shaky and sick? Bleurgh) that too much sugar leaves me with. 

For the past week I have been having my Lizi's Granola (2 decent handfuls) with Tesco's fat free Greek style yoghurt (3 dessert spoon's) and Fresh berries with the tiniest squidge of Agave nectar for my breakfast. After a good mix together, I thoroughly enjoyed the resulting tatse! The granola is packed with flavour, with a slight caramel taste to it but it's not 'sugary'. I remained full and with bags of energy from 8 am right round until my lunch break at 1pm! This is fantastic as I have recently found myself reaching for the snacks more often at work, which told me that I wasn't having a good enough breakfast in the first place (bad me!).

I always make sure to take a look at the sugar content on food labels, there has been a lot of coverage on the health impact of Sugar recently, per 100g Lizi's Original granola contains 9.1g (about 2 teaspoons) and a 50g portion containing 4.6g of Sugar (about a teaspoon). According to the British Dietetic Association 'High-sugar food contains more than 22.5g per 100g, and a low-sugar food contains less than 5g per 100g.' (Factsheet here) meaning that Lizi's scores rather well in my books. 

I honestly am so impressed with the Lizi's Granola. It's meant that the world's fussiest breakfaster (me) has been able to enjoy a filling bowl of deliciousness at the start of my day, and a week later I am still enjoying it! At £3.69 for a 500g pack (i looked on Tesco's for this price because that where I shop) I think its a decent price and will most certainly be adding a pack to my basket on a regular basis.

Lizi's also sent me a pack of their on the go Granola, which i think is a fab idea. I am yet to try out but will let you all know my thoughts when I do, i reckon it will be just as much a winner as their larger packs.

The Lizi's team are on Twitter and Facebook for fellow social media lovers.

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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