Sunday, 16 February 2014

Running: A new thing....

So, about 4 weeks ago I started something that I have been meaning to begin for well over a year. I started running. Yep, I finally went out in public and began running! I'm so proud of myself... I must admit that to say I have started running makes me feel like a complete fraud as technically its intermittent running 3 times a week.

Determined to feel my very best this year, I knew that diet alone wouldn't get me there- I needed to get moving! I downloaded the 'Couch to 5k' app and purchased a light not-really-waterproof-but-better-than-nothing Jacket from Decathlon, roped in The Boy to join in - and that's it! 

I really am enjoying the regime- 3 times a week we head out for a half hour session which takes us around our local area meaning I get some down time to drink in the best place to live ever (usually we run at least once at the weekend and twice after work). The sessions have increased the amount of time we run for and reduced the walking time every week. The app shouts at you when to change from walking/running and when to slow down. It tracks your distance, pace and time as well so you can see how you've done- Perfect! 

I was really nervous about starting exercise as I was worried that it would flare up serious Fatigue, but then I remembered my Neuro telling me that the fitter I am, the better & quicker I would recover from any future relapses- which kind of sealed the deal for me. The start of every week is the hardest as my body gets used to having to run a litlle more, but by the end of the week- I feel amazing. I have also been sleeping really well after a run. 

Now, me being me, I have already imagined myself looking like Jennifer Aniston- all toned body and glowing complexion. So I have been swooning over posh, smart running gear that I will treat myself too when I have completed the programme....

Nike Roshe Runs £69.99, Office (Image from Office website)

 Want want want! Also, perfect for my April city break to Rome? 
Athlete Workout Vest, £29, Sweaty Betty (Image from
Love this- simple yet looks super comfy!

I also wanted to start running as my cousin inspired me- She is running in this years London Marathon for MS Society UK, something which has blown me away as she is doing it for me (yes, I did cry). I am helping her fund raise and I suddenly thought 'If I could run at least 5k then maybe I could start entering into running events to raise funds for MS charities'  so all being well- watch this space!! For now, if you would like to donate even £1 to my cousin then please donate (don't forget to agree to Gift Aid) using this link here:

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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