Sunday, 2 February 2014

TTN Reviews: Bounce® Natural Energy Balls

I have always been a bit a fan of Protein, my love of this Macro-nutrient was increased by my 3 days of Dukan Dieting in 2011 (I do not recommend this diet at all, but it just showed me how positively my body responded to Protein over carbs) and this love was cemented even further when I decided to give my lifestyle a complete overhaul and cut out Gluten and Wheat sources . This meant a need to change the way i would snack and choose foods for convienece. It's products such as Bounce Balls that accomplish the task of being Filling, Gluten Free and Portable ....after trying my first Bounce Ball 5 months ago, I am a huge fan.

When the awesome guys at Bounce HQ agreed to send me across some samples I was so excited, so here is my little review flavour by flavour....

- Coconut & Macadamia 'Protein Bliss' ball
The first flavour I had ever tried and still my favourite- coconutty, sweet, chewy and filling. I have one of these stashed in my Work Survival Drawer at all times.

- Almond 'Protein Hit' Ball
Seriously strong inital almond taste- basically think Marzipan. Chewy with nibs of raw almond and great if you love Marzipan/Almond taste. The after taste is lovely and mild- much more suited to me. Perhaps this would be lovely with a black coffee pre-gym (a cup of Black Coffee before the Gym boosts performance)..

- Peanut 'Protein Blast' Ball
I think I have found my new favourite thing! Chewy with nibs of peanuts- it's like a Snickers bar but without the chocolate on the outside. Really more-ish and a flavour I will be stocking up on next for sure. If you love peanut butter- you will LOVE this.

- Spirulina & Ginseng 'Defence Boost' Ball
Possibly the most ominous one, and one that I wasn't sure I liked the sound of. Never-the-less, I did try and actually was pleasantly surprised. Initially it does taste a little like the way Play-dough smells (?) but this could be the Algae presence, after a few chews a delicious taste of Oats and raw almonds comes through softening the whole taste.  

There are other flavours, which are listed here on their website.

Boxes  of 12 are about £18, I don't have one on a daily basis so a box lasts me a good amount of time. You can purchase these beauties from the website, Holland and Barrett and Planet Organic or you can search for your nearest Stockist here

Perfect for your Gym bag, Work Survival Drawer, Popping into your handbag before a marathon shopping trip.. I love these little balls of goodness!

You can find Bounce on Twitter here  and on Facebook here

Have you tried Bounce? What's your favourite flavour?? 

Love xxx TTN xxx

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