Sunday, 9 February 2014

TTN Visits: Gourmet Burger Kitchen- Gluten Free Menu

Yes that's right folks,another well known chain has FINALLY got with 'The Now' and created a Gluten Free burger menu complete with Gluten Free bun!!!

I remember when Gourmet Burger Kitchen was my favourite place to go, when in London or Brighton, for a burger. They used to have a massive menu but my favourite always was their 'Mexican' burger complete with Mozzarella cheese, a spicy bean mix and avocado....ahhh those days! But then they suddenly lost their mojo, downsized their menu and I turned Gluten Free. BUT today, with family in tow- I set a tentative foot into their burger-y warmth to sample their Gluten Free offerings....

Firstly, you can help yourself to natural Monkey nuts- WIN! Great source of protein! 
Secondly the Carafes of Tap water come stuffed with Lemons and Mint... errr  WIN! 
AND  Thirdly they have condiments on offer such as a kick ass Habenero Sauce with Kiwi and Smoked Sea Salt- good lord, WIN!!!
Pre Burger excitement (if slightly manic)

Eager to get stuck in and with a few voucher codes, I wasted no time in ordering a Gluten free Persian Lamb burger (Minted Feta, Harrissa Mayo, Red onion, Lamb patty). There are no chips on offer for sides on the Gluten Free menu as they are cooked in the same oil as Gluten containing items but I did dabble ( in the name of a review)  in the Skinny Fries and Chunky Chips that  we ordered for the table. Chunky Chips won for me.

Anyway, the Burger:
The Bun- a little on the dense side for me as I am used to the lightness of Genius products, but a nice chewy taste and very fluffy. It was a little crumbly but that didn't stop me from eating the lot!
The Lamb patty was juicy and delicious, the minted feta- to die for. The Harrissa mayo wasn't as spicy as i would like it, but with a few glugs of the Kiwi & Habenero sauce, I was one happy bunny! Oh and also, Order the Truffle Mayo- it's amazing!!

I slurped my burger down with an Elderflower Fizz (Elderflower cordial and Fizzy water) which apparnetly comes with a free refill! Delicious!!

I am so pleased that I have somewhere local to me to go for a burger which comes with a bun! I will be returning for sure!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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