Saturday, 1 February 2014

2 ingredient Pancakes by Nichola Whitehead RD

Okay so before I begin- this recipe is not my own but from the wonderful Nichola Whitehead of Nichola is a Specialist Registered Dietitian who has the most amazing website jam-packed with Nutrition, Lifestyle, Product Reviews and Recipe posts. If you haven't already checked her out- do it NOW!

This morning I went for a jog (post about that to follow) and on returning I was starving. You know that post-exercise-shaky-legs kind of hunger, but I was prepared to satisfy my hunger after stocking up on eggs and bananas to make these  '2 ingredient pancakes' that are Dairy and Gluten Free..

To make yourself one portion (5 small pancakes in a stack) you are going to need:
1 large ripe banana (I used 2 small ones)
2 eggs (Free Range please)
Olive oil (or Coconut oil if you have some, I have yet to invest)
Choice of toppings - I went for Crunchy Peanut Butter, Nutella, Fresh Strawberries and Cinnamon to sprinkle.
Frying pan

Step 1 - Mash your banana in a bowl

Step 2 Whisk your eggs and add to the bowl

I started off using a fork then ended up pouring it all into a mini blender to ensure the mixture made a smooth lump free batter.

Step 3 - Heat up your frying pan on a low heat and use a little oil on a piece of kitchen towel to lightly grease the pan. 

Step 4 - Pour a small amount of your 'batter' in - keeping it a small slightly thick disk 
After a minute or two the pancake will be ready for turning, and about 30 seconds later will be ready to leave the heat.. Repeat 5 times.

Step 5 - layer your pancakes into a stack (i smeared a little PB on 4 layers and Nutella on 1 layer), Sprinkle with Cinnamon (a pinch) and serve with a bowl of fresh fruit....

Sooooooo GOOD!

Next time I am going to top my stack with maybe some Coyo or Greek Yoghurt....

Thank you Nic for a great great recipe and improving my post run brunch options!

P.s If you check out the recipe on the website, you will also get the low down on how many calories/protein/fat are in her recipes!

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

p.s Nic is on Faceboook and Twitter - giver her a follow!

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