Friday, 21 February 2014

TTN Reviews: 'Honest Snacking' with Frank* Bars

Always on a look out for portable Gluten free deliciousness and for a new snack bar to perk up my packed lunch (I say it proud, people), I stumbled across Frank Bars on Twitter and was thrilled when the lovely team at Frank Food Co agreed to send me some samples to try out!
The Frank Food Co was set up in 2012 by former Everton footballer Neil Robinson- which i think is an interesting tit-bit.... 

The Frank Bars proudly state they provide 'Honest Snacking'- which makes my nutritional ears stand to attention. Frank bars are Gluten Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free as well as being made from 100% natural ingredients - I can understand basically every ingredient listed on the bars which made me feel totally at ease (nothing worse than something unrecognisable being listed on a food product!). Also every flavour comes with the addition of (dairy free) Chocolate and provides nearly 4g of protein per bar- win!

So the taste...

Oat & Chocolate
Think of the texture of a finely milled flapjack with a coating of dark chocolate on top- and you will have the taste of this snack bar nailed. Slightly chewy and no funny after taste that a sugar loaded flapjack would usually give me.

Double Chocolate
On opening the packaging, you can smell a natural chocolate smell. Texture was slightly firmer that the Oat flavour and there definitely is a subtle taste of (what I eventually decided on) ginger-cake to it… really more-ish and would be perfect mid-afternoon at work.

Strawberry & Chocolate
Smells instantly like a Quality Street Strawberry cream sweet- something that made me weary of tasting as I am not a huge fan but I was pleasantly surprised to taste a Strawberry Jam like taste balanced by the dark chocolate layer. Sweet but not sickly!

Orange & Chocolate
Basically, this smells and tastes like a healthier Terry’s chocolate orange. YUM!

Blueberry & Chocolate
I really didn't know what to expect from this flavour- but I was drawn to the lovely colour packaging. Surprisingly sweet smell and tastes initially like a Raisin-y Raisin (?) but after further chewing, I would say this has a Rum & Raisin flavour to it. If Rum & Raisin is your thing- then this bar is for you!
Top (The favourite) to Bottom (least favourite): The Boy
Every bar has a layer of Dairy Free chocolate to it, the chocolate is blended with Coconut Cream (a thought that makes me salivate a little), and comes in a perfect-for-your-handbag 35g size. I really am a fan of Frank!
Top (The favourite) to Bottom (least favourite): Me

If you want to try Frank bars for yourself then here is a link to Stockists. You can also purchase Frank bars online at Ocado or Glebe Farm.  

Follow Frank on Facebook here, or Twitter here.

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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