Friday, 28 February 2014

TTN Reviews: CELIA Gluten Free Organic Premium Czech Lager

There comes a time when the only thing that will hit the spot is a cold beer- sometimes its after a long hot summers day, sometimes its with a film after a hetic week at work, sometimes even the most healthiest of people need a beer.

Even though I follow a Gluten free lifestyle these days- when it comes to alcohol I don't really pay attention as I have always thought that the fermentation process would denature any gluten proteins anyway. But i have noticed that If i have more than the one bottle of beer, I feel incredibly uncomfortable (and no, not because I'm drunk) and so I have been paying more attention to my tipple of choice. When I came across Celia Gluten Free beer - I was intrigued and so asked the Team at Celia to send me a sample.  Which they very kindly agreed to....

I must admit that I was a tad confused when I read it contained Barley- as Barley contains Gluten- but the label boasted it was Gluten Free. But from looking on the Celia website- I have my explanation as follows....
 'CELIA contains less than 0.5 mg/100 ml ( < 5 ppm ) of gluten creating a beautifully light lager that packs the punch of a world class Czech lager' 
...Not sure how that translates for all you lovely Ceoliac's  or those who are super sensitive to Wheat & Gluten out there but the bottle does boast the Gluten Free UK Symbol, as well as being Organic too!

The taste....
Its super light- which really suprised me. I think that because the bottle is dark I expected the taste to be heavy and Ale like, which it isn't. The only way I can describe the taste to you is basically think of a popular American beer (the one with the Frogs on the advert, you know the catchy one) and imagine that taste but lighter. Much lighter. Got it? I hope so. Perfect for a Shandy in the sunshine, I think!

136 calories in every bottle and 1.5 units- for those that want to know. Oh and its suitable for those of you that follow a Vegan Lifestyle too!

If you fancy purchasing Celia Lager yourself, especially when Summer does arrive everyone has a few trusty beers in their fridges, then you can purchase from from a few online sites (info here)  or check out the stockists near you on Celia website (link is here)

You may be excited to also know that the Celia guys have a gluten free restaurant in Brixton Village! I know, I'm excited too. Its called Vorzars and the details are
here - I will be sure to share the experience with you all when I find the time to visit! If you've been to Vorzars already, do let me know what you ordered!

I feel I should end this post by saying 'you must  always drink responsibly and legally (That's Over 18 if you're from the UK)..

You can follow Celia Lager on Twitter here and on Facebook here

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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