Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 2: Attack phase indeed........

So, last night i felt hungry. Not sure if it was the Diet coke that made my appetite shoot up or the general protein consumption.. BUT all that rumbling was worth it and paid off because:

Weight yesterday at 10:30 am: 10 stone 2lbs
Weight today at 10:30 am: 10 stone 0lbs!!!

So So pleased. This has definitely given me the motivation to keep it up. Offers to go to the pub today have been turned down as i dont want the temptation. I have a birthday meal to attend  on Thursday so that will be a minefeild to navigate through however i have decided that i will settle on steak or chicken and salad with one glass of prossecco to toast the birthday girl (only 80 calories a glass).

Seeing as I woke up late my diet today consisted of....

1/4 tub of fat free Natural yoghurt mixed with low fat probiotic yoghurt
2 tsp of Oat Bran
Scrambled egg made with skimmed milk and 2 eggs
2 extra lean bacon pieces. I know he says pork is not allowed but on the Dukan website he reccomends some low fat bacon to be eaten for variety.
Tea with skimmed milk
Pint of water

Even though the poussion was delicous, it didnt feel like a dinner so i decided to use my Dukan recipe book and created the Dukan chicken curry. I love to cook however the lack of veggies in the curry was painful for me. I love putting peas and green beans in my curries for crunch.  I was a bit silly and didnt realise that the recipe was for a whole chicken hence why my curry (in the half eaten picture here <<<) 

 I also decided to try one of the 'bread' style items and so chose the Dukan cookie recipe. .. It was alright, tasted a bit bland due to no sugar and me not adding the whole amount of vanilla essence to the mixture. I am contemplating topping it with some reduced fat coca powder mixed with yolks for something tasty....

Large portion of Dukan chicken curry (fought the urge to include some brown basmati)
Dukan 'Cookie' - one slice
Pint of Water
Rosehip & Hibsicus tea (for something sweet)
Mini bottle of diet coke

I am still craving fruit but i feel that if i can lose 2lbs in 24 hours then that would be a total loss of 6lbs during my attack phase - nearly half a stone! I know its water loss but thats exactly why i have put myself on this diet.

Snacks: 1/2 a packet of chicken; Green Tea and water.
Exercise: 0 (really naughty)
I am trying not to stress about this diet so much because I can only do as best as a student on a budget can do.

Looking forward to getting on those scales tomorrow!

xxx TTN xxx

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