Monday, 11 April 2011

Make up Miracle... well not quite but I am impressed!

Okay so, being a part time worker and a student.. and with a tad bit of a shopping addiction... Money tends to leave my account as quick as it enters. Therefore... this month a terrible thing happened...(no, not running out of money)... my MAC foundation RAN OUT!!!

I could of cried... not that i didnt see it coming- the bottom had been visible for a while but i thought i could use a foundation brush to maximise its longevity. Clearly that bright idea didnt work!

So there I am, in town, well aware that I have a night out in London to look my very best for..They dont sell MAC near me. So yeah, i did panic...

BUT... all was not lost- I remembered an advert i saw for a foundation with camomile and cotton and seeing as i few blemishes were appearing I knew it just might work...

This beauty is £5.99 and its give full coverage. Its Talc free and oil free... so no risk of aggrevating skin. I was dubious at the whole 'stay matte' concept- maybe it would dry my skin? (which is horrendously comination).. no need to worry. Its amazing- feels light on my skin and doesnt transfer which avoids that cringe moments after a joyful hug when you panic at the thought of half your face being left behind!
I also was impressed at the range of shades this foundation came in... i hate these make up sections which assume you either are every shade of white and thats about all they offer. Oh and the cotton and camomile did settle my blemishes :D

Girls- especially you  lovelies on a budget... Buy this. You will not regret it. Its in a small container which is perfect to fit in your clutch on a night out for any last minute touch ups!

Yay for bargains!!!

xxx TTN xxx

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