Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 4: Meat eatin'

Weight on day 3: 9 stone 11lbs
Weight today (at 10:30): 9 stone 9lbs :D

So Mr Pierre Dukan has completely amazed me. Another 2lbs lost. Genious. Its propelled me further in to wanting to loose that 9lbs by the summer.

2 tbsp Oat Bran
2 tbsp Onken Natural yogurt (fat free)
1tbsp Activia Natural pouring yogurt
1 tsp Agave Nectar (need some sort of taste first thing)
Tea with skimmed milk

Packet of chicken (sweet chill flavoured)
2tsp Reduced Fat Soured Cream
250ml mini bottle of Diet Coke
1 Pint water
2 tsps of sugar free strawberry jelly
Sorry for the gross looking photo - I was halfway through my munching and realised i didnt show you guys what I had eaten!! My mother would die if she knew i hadn't used a bowl but I was hungry and I thought it would save the washing up ;)

Lots of sunbathing today. Decided to have a chilled day. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Its nice to listen to music and just chill out

Exercise: 40 minute walk to and from town. (make up was needed for the meal)

Okay so bearing in mind I havent seen these people in 6 months and the resturant had NO GRILL MENU i decided on

Grilled chicken salad with a crumble of goats cheese and balsamic glaze.
2 glasses of prosecco
1 small glass of rose
2 glasses of water
1 thin slice of chocolate cake
1 strawberry

I think i did really well. The people i went out with (potential future in laws) like to drink and usually i consume half a bottle of wine minimum with them during a meal.
I really felt stuffed after the salad, which shows how much this diet has shrunk my stomach. I knew i would drink tonight because ... well... its rude not to.

I am hoping that my naughty alcohol consumption hasnt affected my weight loss. But if it has then at least i had a good time and it was worth straying. I hate it when you are on a diet and you end up eating things absent mindedly or just because.

Tomorrow I am on a big night out in London with sharing platters and happy hours kicking the night off. I think that if i stay away from bready items and maybe have the meat and olives is better than white carbs.
Oh well, it is the summer and the fact ive lost 6lbs in 3 days is amazing. I want to have fun still and not be affected by this diet because i am young and i dont want to miss out by being anal with the rules.

Fingers crossed again- would love to have lost 1lb tomorrow at least.

Lots of love

xxx TTN xxx

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