Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 3: Attack!!

Weight on day 2: 10stone 0lbs
Weight on day 3: 9 stone 11lbs!!!!

Seriously cannot believe it! Being hypothyroid, the fact that in 2 days i have lost 4lbs in weight is totally astounding. Feeling really motivated and apart from a few hunger pangs at night, generally feeling 'balanced'.

Not many pictures for you guys today. I have been busy busy with coursework and then treated my stressed self to a sunbathing session in my gorgeous local park which was a definite boost. I had an ice cold diet coke on hand and i really felt relaxed.

1.5 TABLESPOONS Oat Bran (not teaspoons as i first thought, d'oh)
3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt
1 tablespoon of Activia low fat pouring yoghurt.
Tea with skimmed milk
1 tsp of agave nectar(naught but i hate synthetic sweetner that he advises and this is Low GI)
250 ml of tap water

80g Packet of chicken slices (the kind you buy for easy sandwich fillings)
1 pint tap water

1/2 spatchcock chicken.. skin was marianted in chilli and honey but i didnt eat that bit so still good :)
1 tsp of soured cream a chive dip (reduced fat)

I figured the soured cream and chive dip was similar to the natural yoghurt ive been having and a teaspoon isnt going to change much. Really impressed with my will power not to have coleslaw or salad tonight.

Snacks: 3 seafoods sticks, 1 Rosehip & Hibiscus tea (something sweet), 250 ml of diet coke, 1 litre of water, and a chilled low fat latte brought from the supermarket (again not sure if thats allowed but it wasnt sweetned so it should be okay).

Exercise: 20 minute walk around the shops to get food, presents for tomorrow and a general mooch. I know its not that physical but hey- i have done something ;)

Today i have been relativley lenient on a few items but i havent actually felt the need to snack on the very naughty things. I feel satisfied in my stomach to not eat or want that anything sugary as i hate that horrible sugar high-then-crashing-low that you get when you eat a choccie bar or an ice cream.

Tomorrow should be interesting,in thise sunny weather I am really craving a cocktail and strangley enough (besides salad) Olives and Advocados! But I think that if i avoid Olive-Advocado eating eating, and choose a slimline vodka and tonic or Prosecco I will be alright!

Fingers crossed for another 2lb loss tomorrow. Really would love to have lost nearly half a stone this week. Any loss will spurr me on to stick with the Dukan. The cruise phase will be interesting so I think Im going to follow it for 3 days then have 3 days Pure protein before adopting the 1:1 ratio.

Saw some gorgeous summer ball dresses for end of May in Grazia today. The one i have my eye on has parts cut out of the torso and it would be amazing to think that in 6 weeks i might actually be able to wear something more revealing and not look like black pudding!

Also got my daily dose of vitamin D today - you only need 15 minutes on the back of your wrist to get your GDA however 2 hours of sunbathing has made me feel spritely :D. Dont forget your SPF people- premature wrinkles cannot be accessoried!

Stay gorgeous and keep those fingers crossed!!

xxx TTN xxx

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