Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 8: Welcome back to Dukanland

Okay so yesterday in the glorious Surrey Sunshine, me and a group of friends (including a very cute Patterdale Terrier called Patsy) went for a walk on the Downes... walked from Reigate to Mogador where we stopped at this gorgeous pub called The Sportsman (a must if you are ever in Surrey). I had a burger... BUT before you gasp at the horror of the anti-Dukanism... I took the break off.. and some of the cheese and munch on the salad minus the chips. Really filled me up and definitely what i needed to refuel.

Then another walk back, then we continued for another mile into Reigate High street where i treated myself to a Crabbie's Ginger Beer. Naughty i know but hey- it was 22 degrees and I had walked about 3 or 4 miles in the boiling heat. THEN, i walked home which is another 2 miles. I made myself a feast of scrambled eggs and lean bacon with the fat cut off- with lots of water (<<<check out how yellow the eggs were - Happy chickens :D)!

So today... i took another day off work in order to get coursework done and so my day went something like this.....

Weight on Day 5: 9 Stone 8 lbs
Weight on Day 8: 9 Stones 9lbs

Not bad, not bad at all... i think all that walking paid off and after the drinking that occurred on Friday I think thats a great achievement.

Back to the Oat Bran and yogurt with a tsp of Agave Nectar.
Tea with skimmed milk

Packet of Sweet Chilli chicken and 1 tsp of reduced fat soured cream.
2 Pints of tap water
Off to the pub for a well earned break from the computer... 2 pints of soda water and lime cordial... cheap and refreshing indeed!

Breast from a roasted chicken
4 slices of cucumber
1 tsp coleslaw...literally a dot on my plate.
1 Echineacea and Cranberry Tea
1 Normal tea
1 Pint of water
1 portion of sugar free orange jelly

So thats about it really.... its going to be a funny old week this week as deadlines are nearing and i have 2 birthdays to attend... So apologise for lack of blogging that will occur.
I did have some bread at the weekend and i felt so ill afterwards- you know that horrible bloated heavy feeling you get from carbohydrates? It was foul. I definitely do not miss bread or pasta or potatoes.

Next week I will be returing to my gym routine as my local gym had completed its refurb. Looking forward to a good gym session actually... but for now a lot of walking will have to suffice.

Hope all you Dukans and Dieters are not being as naughty as I. Maybe Ive done enough today to lose that pound again?

I also have a new thesis on this whole diet thing- if you are going to be naughty only do it if you are going to enjoy yourself... dont do it and end up being uncomfortable and miserable because youve eaten carbs or put on weight. Lifes too short to  be annoyed through food.

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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