Saturday, 17 May 2014

A night with CELIA Lager & Riso Gallo UK

Celia Lager very kindly invited me to their Riso Gallo UK event at The Truscott Arms on Thursday..

For those that don't know - this week is Coeliac Awareness Week and so this event was held by Celia Lager and Riso Gallo UK to show their commitment to producing Gluten free products and to showcase that living Gluten Free doesn't mean that meal times have  to be a chore.. something that i totally agree with!

I hadn't eaten Risotto before the evening, but it had been on my To-Eat list for a while, so I was looking forward to the evening a fair bit...

The Truscott Arm's in Maida Vale is one seriously chic gastro pub. Newly refurbished, it really does have a certain wow factor when you walk in, the pub also serves Gluten Free options so I will be returning to try some of these out...

The night started off with mingling together with cold bottles of CELIA lager- perfect tipple for a warm evening. Then the waiting staff bought round the canapes (everything at the event was gluten free even  the bread baskets)...

Anise Lamb with Olive Risotto and Parmesan Tuille

Cold firm risotto rice that proved to be a glorious platform for the tender Anise Lamb. A lot of taste in a small cold starter

Duck with Sweet  and Sour Pepper's

This was amazing. The minute I saw the scotch egg-look-a-like canape I knew it would be an Arancini ball... it was amazing. Hot gooey rice with shredded duck pieces and sweet red peppers encased in a gluten free breadcrumb....oh i wish i could have my own supply of these.

The canapes got everyone talking, CELIA lager was swigged and, after a welcome speech by Andrew the owner of The Truscott Arms, we all took our seats ready for the remaining 4 dishes....

3 Cereali Spaghetti with Ventreche, Parmsan and Parsley
Okay, so i don't really go nuts for Carbonara. I don't usually go for creamy based dishes but this- a new 3 cereal gluten free spaghetti by Riso Gallo UK was pretty damn tasty- creamy but oh so moreish, i loved the addition of crispy parsley- it added a new texture and  an amazing salty kick.

Morel & Wild Garlic Canaroli with Peas and Pancetta

If this is risotto then I can totally see why everyone loves it! Delicious rich Morel Mushrooms, Peas (always a winner), salty Pancetta all wrapped in a gelatinous rice blanket. oooo it was good! I must admit that I was grateful for the small portion, I don't think I could have eaten a whole larger bowl  but then i had already had 3 other courses.

The final savoury dish of the evening was the one that really made an impact with all of the guests.....

Stone Bass with Risotto Nero, Char-grilled Squid and Courgettes

The black Rice against the white bowl was an amazing contrast, and with the bright green ingredients and purple squid- gorgeous! The black Rice had everyone talking. I have had squid ink before and didn't really rate it but as i tentatively tried the blackened rice, I couldn't believe how light and velvety it was. Later on, I was more than surprised to find out that no Squid Ink featured in the Rice, and the black colouring was a natural feature. I can see this being a big hit in restaurants. The crispy mini squid was so sweet and the Stone Bass was cooked to perfection. 

After a break with a glass of cool crisp white wine, and much talk with CELIA Lager's Nick, we were presented with the sixth dish of the evening.... 

Rice Pudding

Creamy vanilla rice, tart Cherry reduction and sweet gluten free breadcrumbs... now that's how to do rice pudding!

After more speeches, and a big round of applause for the chef of the night who really did showcase how delicious Gluten free food can be, the night was over....

I had a fantastic time and left very full (which equals a happy me!)

I have reviewed CELIA Larger in this post here.

You can purchase CELIA online at Ocado, whether you need to live a life free from Gluten or you just fancy a light lager- I would recommend you give a bottle of CELIA a go (please drink responsibly).

CELIA Lager are on Twitter and Facebook

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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