Saturday, 10 May 2014

My 'Treat me' Afternoon April 2014

To end my week off, post Rome, I wanted to use some time to treat myself.

I booked myself in for some serious mane-taming at Taylor Taylor after deciding that I have pressed my face against the windows of this Salon and swooned  far too many times to be normal. 

On stepping inside this glamorous salon, along with the  Chandeliers, cute pug dog and gorgeous decor, you are sat down near its leather clad bar and handed a menu. You pick your complementary cocktail/beer/wine/soft drink to relax with before meeting your hair stylist. As they were our of elderflower liqueur to make their gin offering i settled for their 'Loungelover' Bellini- which had an Orange twist to it. Very indulgent and I do love Prossecco.

Once shown to my seat, the hour flew by mainly talking weddings with Gemma (aka amazing hair magician, who is also getting married) and I stepped back out onto the streets of East London with a serious bounce in my step. Sorry for the lack of Snaps but when i am being pampered I sort of get lost in the moment forgetting that i will be wanting to show you all the experience. (p.s I LOVE my new hair.. its just below the shoulders and takes like 5 seconds to style)...

Wedding talk (or dreaming in my case) is hungry work so I treated myself to a Chicken Itame bowl from Wagamamas. I think this is one of the dishes that is as close to Gluten free as I could get- a Coconut broth with Rice noodles, Fresh crunchy veggies and chicken all served in a deep bowl with a ladle and chopsticks. It is soooooo goood!!

To go with my happy feeling, New hair and New Ring there is only one more thing that I could have purchased.... SHOES! Office called out to me en route back to the tube, and I couldn't resist stepping inside to see what they had on offer. It took me 5 minutes to lay my eyes on these beauties....

Leather. Chunky high heel (easy to walk and balance in). Simple design. Cute buckle fastening. Black. It was love at first sight.

I cannot remember the last time I purchased myself a pair of non-work heels. I have worn these babies out a couple of times so far and am thrilled to report they are super comfy and I can even run for the bus in them ( the magic of a chunky heel).

I plan to wear these to toughen up dresses. and midi skirts in the summer as well as with my denim when heading out for lunches.

Sometimes it's lovely to take yourself out for a few hours of treats. I think being comfortable spending time alone with yourself is good for general wellbeing. To switch off to get to know yourself better. Deep.

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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