Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TTN Reviews: Kabuto Gluten Free Chicken Noodles

My go to food of choice when I am really craving something is usually some sort of Chicken noodle broth thing (Wagamamas Chicken Itame or my Speedy Chicken noodle broth usually)...

I wasn't ever a fan of potted noodle snacks, even as a young teen. But, when the weather is a bit grim and I really cannot face dirtying up the kitchen/have no food in the flat well, usually my 'Hangry' mood comes into force. Kabuto very kindly sent me their Gluten Free noodle pots to try and I was pretty excited for the Postman to come....

The Nutritional Low Down:
Per Pot 410g when rehydrated with boiling water
280 kcals
3.3g Salt
13.1g Sugar
0.3g Sat Fat

The noodles, as with all dehydrated foods do pack a punch in the smell category but once 3 minutes are up and all is rehydrated the taste is so subtle and not as salty as I expected. The soup had lots of nice chicken flavour and a gentle warmth of chilli. The rice noodles went lovely and soft, you get just enough in the pot to fill you up. I think with a sprinkling of fresh coriander and maybe (for my personal taste) a little fresh red chilli, you would be in serious tasty business.

I really am pleasantly surprised by this potted noodle experience. I would purchase these pots to be consumed as a treat or for food moments when the cupboards are bare. If you love noodles and are gluten free, give these a whirl, I think you too will be pleasantly surprised!

Kabuto noodles website is here (you will also find lots of information on where to buy!) and their Twitter is here.

*Samurai bow*

Lots of Love

xxx TTN xxx

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